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Our jet charter rates are some of the most competitive you will find anywhere, but it's really our service and attention to detail that will stand out when you choose to charter one of our jets. Our client’s needs are our company’s first order of business, meaning we keep the quality of your experience top of mind when you charter a private jet with ProspAir.
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Thanks to our team’s combined decades of experience, ProspAir Jet Charter is the premier aircraft charter company for both business and personal private jet travel. Our team will find the perfect aircraft to fit your travel demands, so you have complete control of your travel experience. We always prioritize educating our clients about the best flight options for their needs, empowering them to make the smartest travel decisions. You’d be hard-pressed to find another jet charter company that delivers the same level of attention to clients that we do.
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Let Us Take You to the Top: Choose ProspAir as Your Private Jet Charter Company

When you fly with ProspAir Jet Charter, customization comes standard. Your private jet flight program, in-cabin service, and personal advising are all tailored to you. Flying a luxury air charter allows you to personalize your flight to your tastes. Luxury jet travel has never been so worthy of the name, and you’ll find yourself in sterling company when you charter a jet with us.

Luxury Aircraft Charter

Choose to Travel With the Top Private Jet Company

While superior client service and plush amenities are undeniably essential to a luxury flight charter experience, we firmly believe that “luxury” is just a word unless top-tier amenities and service are accompanied by flawless logistical management and responsive communication. Our resourceful team of charter experts is ready to serve you and arrange your flight on your timing and your terms. Whatever your travel requirements, we will accommodate your needs and exceed your expectations. Your aircraft charter will undoubtedly be one of the best flight experiences you've ever had!

Finally, you can count on ProspAir Jet Charter for round-the-clock aircraft charter service. ProspAir is there wherever and whenever you need us, ensuring that you are never without a reliable partner in private aircraft travel. ProspAir Jet Charter’s team is available 24/7 for private jet charter booking, and our Jet Card Membership options give you more flexibility and convenience than any other aircraft charter company does.

Get in touch with us today to book a private jet for business or personal travel, and let our private jet company take you to the top. Call ProspAir Jet Charter at 844-352-5387 to speak with one of our associates, or fill out our online contact form today.

Second To None Air Travel

Our fleet, At Your Service

We distinguish ourselves from other private jet companies with our unmatched level of customization, personalized service, and attention to detail. From your first phone call with our jet charter company representatives to every interaction with our dedicated jet crew members, you’ll know the difference.

Furthermore, our company’s private fleet includes luxurious aircraft of all sizes. Few companies can claim the extent of maintenance and support that bolster our hand-picked fleet of private jets. Whether you're flying a business jet charter or require personal jet charter services, our planes are ready to serve you in style and safety.

You already know what it’s like to be at the top -- let our private jet charters take you even higher than any other company can.

Charter Information

Membership Options

Diverse, flexible membership options are the hallmark of any truly top-tier private jet company. At ProspAir Jet Charter, our priority is to provide our clients with a variety of travel and payment options tailored to their needs. No two travelers are the same, which is why ProspAir works closely with you to help you choose the perfect private jet charter membership plan for your schedule and lifestyle.

ProspAir Jet Charter offers four types of membership and pricing options, all of which can be customized to your particular needs and used in combination with one another to create a truly simplified and streamlined air travel experience.

Charter: ProspAir’s aircraft charter service is ideally suited to clients who travel by luxury private jet infrequently or on short notice. Our company’s aircraft charter team stands by 24/7 to accommodate your requests and find the right aircraft and flight time for your needs.

Private Jet Card: Whether you’re seeking corporate jet travel on behalf of your business or luxury private jet travel for nonstop globe-hopping, our Jet Card Membership program allows you to travel on your terms. With four membership levels to choose from, the ProspAir Jet Card is your all-inclusive, flexible and most convenient way to travel by private jet.

See our private Jet Card membership rates below:

  • Silver



    Light Jet


    2-3.5 hours



  • Gold



    Mid-Size Jet


    3.5-5 hours



  • Platinum



    Super Mid-Size Jet


    5.5-6 hours



  • Black



    Heavy Jet


    6+ hours



Fixed Rate Pricing: ProspAir Jet Charter is one of the few companies with private jets to offer fixed rate Super Mid-Size Aircraft pricing on select routes, allowing us to offer clients bulk private jet travel purchases at a discount. Our fixed rate pricing is an ideal option for company reps in search of cost-effective jet travel for business, as well as individual travelers looking for top-tier private jet travel for less than the average price.

Ownership: If you yourself are a company with a fleet of private jets, or an individual traveler who owns a luxury jet, consider aircraft management services from our parent company, the Dumont Group. Dumont offers full management for aircraft ownership as well as charter management support for companies and individuals with private jets.

Comitted to Safety

At ProspAir Jet Charter, your safety is our utmost priority. By going above and beyond the industry safety standards and performing diligent inspections at every level, we give our passengers confidence and peace of mind on every flight. We fully comply with ARG/US and Wyvern safety standards, and each flight is preceded by a multi-point safety check.
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