Why You Need the ProspAir Jet Card

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Why You Need the ProspAir Jet Card

Written by Doug Dvorak

ProspAir Jet Charter is the premier name when it comes to private jets and luxurious travel. Individually tailored to the needs of each and every client, there’s nothing better. From wherever you need to be picked up, at whenever time, we will see it done. Our goal is to make your travel experience as convenient for you as possible. And it only gets better when you sign up for our exclusive ProspAir Jet Card.

There are four membership levels, each with a corresponding jet size:


  •  Light Jet – Holds 7/8 passengers
  •  2-3.5 hour flights


  • Mid-Size Jet – Holds 8 passengers
  • 3.5-5 hour flights


  • Super Mid-Size Jet – Holds 9 passengers
  • 5-7 hour flights


  • Heavy Jet – Hold 10+ passengers
  • 6+ hour flights

These cards work in a similar fashion to using a timeshare. You can purchase a block of hours for your aircraft, usually in increments of 25 hours. They are optimal whether you are traveling for business and need to be productive during your flight, or are traveling for leisure and want to fly comfortably and conveniently.

Each ProspAir Jet Card is all inclusive and fully refundable, and has no hidden fees. There are no additional fees for tax, parking, landing, fuel, Wi-Fi, or catering. Also, we don’t charge extra or pose any restrictions based on peak travel days.

As a member, you can upgrade or downgrade according to your particular travel needs. Every private jet is equipped with Wi-Fi and includes standard catering, a warming oven, and a refreshment center. Black level members flying in our Heavy Jets will even have a flight attendant aboard for additional convenience.

But that’s not all. Other membership perks include:

  • Simple Monthly Statements
  • A Personal Travel Concierge
  • Guaranteed Availability
  • Consistent Rates
  • Pet Friendly

If you want your flight to be luxurious and convenient for you, then ProspAir Jet Charter is the way to go. Schedule a flight by calling 401-273-5387 or browse the rest of our website to set up and order your membership card. Nothing says luxury like a private jet, and it only gets better if you’re a ProspAir Jet Card member.