Why You Need To Book Your Holiday Travel Early This Year

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Why You Need To Book Your Holiday Travel Early This Year

Written by Doug Dvorak

Scheduling travel plans can be stressful, especially during the holidays. Even though it’s only August, the holiday season will be here before you know it and flights begin to fill up. Private flights customized to the individual needs of every client make traveling much more convenient. Get picked up from anywhere at any time and avoid the busy airports at that time of year.

Prepare to book a private jet for this upcoming holiday season sooner rather than later. You’ll want to act quickly for the following reasons:

1. The resurgence of the economy and the stock market has led to an increased demand for private flights. More people can afford the luxury and convenience of a private jet, so they may fill up at a faster rate when compared to previous years.

2. Many people travel for the holidays to celebrate and visit with family and friends. It’s the busiest travel season of the year. The seats and flights you want will be harder to come by. Not only are there more passengers, but with more passengers come more baggage. A larger aircraft may be required. Super Mid and Heavy Jets are more difficult to book during the peak holiday season travel dates.

3. There are several popular destinations that require you schedule appointments for both takeoff and landing. The earlier you book, the greater chance there is of your preferred time slots being available.

4. Scheduling your flights ahead of time will give you flexibility in case your plans wind up changing.

5. Lock in pricing by booking your charter early or purchasing a ProspAir Jet Card to guarantee availability. If you wait until the last minute, the prices are likely to be higher. With access to our private jet membership, which comes with a multitude of benefits, we won’t charge you extra fees or pose any restrictions based on peak travel days during the holiday season.

ProspAir Jet Charter specializes in making sure you have the right jet for your mission and eliminating all the stress associated with traveling during the holidays. Plan your private flights now by calling 401-273-5387 or continue to browse our website to sign up for a ProspAir Jet Card.