Aircraft Charter Service

Aircraft Charter Service

Our team at ProspAir Jet Charter is ready to assist you with your aircraft charter service needs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Whether you are planning an upcoming family vacation or need an emergency medical flight, our team will assist you in finding the right aircraft at the right price to match your critical mission.

Based in both Delaware and Rhode Island, our aircraft charter service is dedicated to helping you book a private jet flight to wherever you need to go. We work with our parent company, the Dumont Group, to provide you with the finest transportation in the luxury private jet charter industry.

Our premier company owns and maintains over 30 aircraft that range from the Learjet 45 to the Gulfstream IVSP. If your private aircraft charter needs venture out of our luxurious fleet, we can fulfill your request thanks to our preferred network full of premium aircraft.

As your premier aircraft charter service for business and personal travel, we want to make sure that your flight is tailored to your likes and needs. Whether it is our competitive rates or our attention to detail, we guarantee that we are committed to serving you.

Browse below to learn more about some of the specific ways we work to put you first.

Benefits of Our Aircraft Charter Service

There are many benefits of our charter flight services. We seek to make your flight as convenient as possible. Here are just some of the perks that you will receive when you choose ProspAir Jet Charter:

  • Best Suited for Individuals with four trips or less annually.
  • No Capital Commitments – pay as you go program
  • Potential savings due to one way or empty leg availability
  • Avoidance of bustling airports and unruly passengers
  • No need for parking at airport parking lots
  • Charter catered to your needs
  • In-flight Wi-Fi

Another unique benefit of choosing our aircraft charter service is fixed-rate pricing on a variety of travel routes. These rates are intended for clients who want to take advantage of large bulk purchase discounts.

With this deal, clients can take flights to locations such as:

  • HPN = White Plains, NY
  • TEB = Teterboro, NJ
  • PBI = Palm Beach, FL
  • APF = Naples, FL
  • OPF = Miami, FL
  • ORL = Orlando, FL
  • BED = Bedford, MA
  • BOS = Boston, MA
  • VNY = Van Nuys, CA

All trips are pre-purchased and all-inclusive. Availability is also guaranteed with three days notice, and flights will be on a super Mid-sized Falcon 50 with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Charter

When choosing a luxury aircraft charter, there are several important considerations you should make.

  • Make sure the quote you are receiving is all inclusive of taxes and fees
  • Find out the safety rating of the operator of the aircraft
  • Verify the age of the aircraft and note when it was last been refurbished
  • Find out the cancellations terms if you should need to cancel
  • The more trips with the same company will allow the company to learn your specific details and preferences

When flying with ProspAir Jet Charter, you don’t have to worry about outdated aircraft and impersonal services. We are dedicated to tailoring your flight program, personal advising, and in-cabin service to your preferences. Our luxury jet charter company and fleet are truly at your service.

Charter Membership Options

Another thing to consider when choosing our luxury jet charter service is our private jet membership options. We offer six all-inclusive membership levels that are classified as Light, Mid Size, Super Mid Size, Heavy (9 Passengers), Heavy Falcon 2000, and Heavy (12+ Passengers). Here is what you need to know about each level.


  • Price: $5,000 per hour
  • Aircraft: Light Jet
  • Range: 2 to 3.5 hours
  • Passengers: 5 people


  • Price: $5,975 per hour
  • Aircraft: Midsize Jet
  • Range: 3.5 to 5 hours
  • Passengers: 6 people


  • Price: $7,795 per hour
  • Aircraft: Super Midsize Jet
  • Range: 5.5 to 6 hours
  • Passengers: 8 people


  • Price: $8,500 per hour
  • Aircraft: Heavy Jet
  • Range: 6+ hours
  • Passengers: 9 people


  • Price: $8,970 per hour
  • Aircraft: Falcon 2000
  • Range: 6+ hours
  • Passengers: 9 people


  • Price: $10,000 per hour
  • Aircraft: Heavy Jet
  • Range: 6+ hours
  • Passengers: 12+ people

With each membership level, you will enjoy advantages such as consistent rates, simple monthly statements, a personal travel concierge, pet-friendly charters, and guaranteed availability. Our luxury private jet charter company strives to ensure your comfort and safety.

Clients who choose to become a jet card member don’t have to worry about peak travel day restrictions, charges for standard catering, overnight crew charges, fuel surcharges, parking fees, Wi-Fi charges, landing fees or taxes. Our ProspAir Jet Card has no hidden fees, is all-inclusive, and is 100 percent refundable.


Book Your Next Flight Today!

If you wish to learn more about our charter flight services or book a private aircraft charter, we encourage you to contact us today! You can get in touch with our knowledgeable team and find out more information about a luxury aircraft charter by calling 844-352-5387 or filling out a contact form.

Interested parties can easily book a trip on our website. All clients have to do is fill out the departure city, destination city, departure date, return date (round trip), the method of how you currently travel, and the number of passengers.

We encourage you to make the right choice and experience the finest in personal air travel today by choosing ProspAir Jet Charter for your next trip!

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