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Here at ProspAir Jet Charter, we specialize in the experience of flying privately. Our clients know what they want in a travel experience, and we care what they seek when they’re traveling. In our long history of consulting with clients, we’ve learned that there’s no one-size-fits-all when you fly with class and purpose.

Our directors and associates bring their wisdom, taste, and expertise to the private aviation industry. Dedicated to aircraft and the art of charter flights, they identify what it that is our clients want, and how we can maximize our services for them. We respect that clients trust us, and we do everything we can to earn their trust.

After you’ve made your plans and picked your destination, we want you to board a ProspAir jet dreaming of that perfect private flight ahead. You’ll be able to relax knowing an operator is waiting for you at your airport of origin. Any catering and Wi-Fi needs will be met, allowing you to remain connected and productive during your flight. We tailor our services, catering to all of your requests.

ProspAir is unique in the private aviation industry in that we cater across a whole spectrum:


Jet Card Membership

By purchasing a jet card membership, our clients can secure their private flights at a fixed hourly rate. With a card, all fees and charges are known upfront, sparing you any financial surprises. As aviation professionals, we value transparency as much as quality. You will not be charged additional fees for one-way flights; and occasionally you may even be upgraded to a superior private jet. Gone are the worries of blackout days, sudden spikes in fuel costs, and depreciation. Our offerings of aircraft charter flights are similar in that they also resist depreciation.

Our jet card membership program has six tiers: Light, Mid Size, Super Mid Size, Heavy (9 Passengers), Falcon 2000, and Heavy (12+ Passengers). Call us today, and we can help you assess your needs based on how many passengers are typically flying and the distance that you will need to travel. For added convenience, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time as your needs change.


Aircraft Ownership

Our parent company, the Dumont Group, owns our aircraft, and thus we have the means of extending partial or fractional ownership to our clients, as per their requests. If you’ve already booked a hundred private jet flights, thoughts of owning an aircraft have probably crossed your mind. As a fractional owner of a Dumont aircraft, you’ll share the costs of purchasing, leasing, and maintaining your own private jet. Instead of owning the entire aircraft, you will essentially be buying a “share” of it. In the evolving market of private aviation, the prices of “shares” are pro-rated. Once officiated, fractional owners are guaranteed access to their jets, or a comparable jet, within four hours of requesting it. Included in the cost of fractional ownership is a monthly fee of maintenance, as well as an hourly operating fee.

The larger a client’s share, the more perks they see in fractional ownership. Some of these benefits encompass “short leg” waivers, overfly rules, and exclusive access during busy or peak hours. If their aircraft is unavailable when requested, fractional owners may be given access to comparable jets within our fleet. Again, the more “shares” a client possesses, the more likely they’ll be granted a larger substitute craft. The ability to freely book a substitute private jet is a major advantage of this branch of private aviation. Typically, our contracts of fractional ownership extend up to five years. If owners are interested in renewing fractional agreements, all “remarketing fees” are waived. Call us for more information about fractional private jet ownership.

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