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The new leading name when it comes to traveling for business is finally here — ProspAir Jet Charter. We guarantee that we will determine the ideal aircraft to suit your travel needs, no matter where you are located. Having complete control of your travel plans when flying long distances is exceptionally beneficial, especially with your very own corporate jet charter, and our staff at ProspAir Jet Charter knows that. We provide exceptional service with an emphasis on convenience and comfort for every one of our corporate clients.

Our private business jets are available in several sizes, with our smallest private jets comfortably fitting five passengers whereas our largest can fit up to fourteen passengers. Every single corporate private jet is equipped with internet access via Wi-Fi. They also have power outlets as well as telephones, making every aircraft more than suitable for those of you that need to keep grinding. Perhaps you need to prepare for your big sales pitch or an important meeting with the client you’re on your way to see.

In this day and age, having access to the internet, as well as access to power outlets in order to keep your internet-connected devices powered for the entirety of the flight, is almost necessary. Using a corporate jet charter means you’re away from home some of the time. With hours to kill aboard your private business jet charter, you may want to use this time to communicate with friends and family that you aren’t getting to spend time with in person. Or you simply might want to stay up-to-date on current events, or make sure your fantasy football lineup is set. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time on a business jet charter, we have all the modern technological amenities you’ll need on every one of our private corporate jets.

Flying through the air should be a luxurious experience, and when you choose ProspAir Jet Charter, it is. All of our guests have the ability to customize many aspects of their flight when flying with one of our corporate jet charters. Our friendly team of charter specialists will make any and all modifications in order to meet your wishes. Whenever and wherever you need a private business jet charter, regardless of the time or place, we will see it done accordingly.

Safety is also of the utmost concern. Not only do we meet, but we exceed all of the industry safety standards, without having to sacrifice comfort or luxury. We execute meticulous inspections at all levels. By avoiding the hassle of commercial airlines and heavily-populated airports, we use the time we save to make sure every aspect of your private business jet is as safe as can be.

As a passenger on a private business jet charter, you will enjoy many benefits of avoiding commercial flights as well. No longer will you have to wait in long lines as you go through security; nor will you have to sit in traffic on your way to the airport or deal with busy parking lots. You won’t have to haul luggage around through the airport as you make your way to your gate. Therefore, you won’t have to dedicate as much time beforehand to make sure you catch your flight, especially since it’s actually YOUR flight.

Perhaps most beneficial of all is being able to avoid sitting closely amongst dozens of strangers. You’ll have plenty of space to yourself to stretch your legs without feeling trapped by the seat in front of you or the people next to you. There won’t be any babies crying or people snoring loudly aboard your corporate jet charter. It will be much easier for you to relax or get work done during your flight.

ProspAir Jet Card Membership

Our top priority is to make your experience aboard one of our private corporate jets as convenient for you as possible. If you decide to sign up for our exclusive ProspAir Jet Card, it gets even better. If you need to, as a member you can upgrade or downgrade your membership level as you please without added fees. Every one of our private business jets includes standard catering, a refreshment center, and a warming oven. Furthermore, those with our black level membership flying in our heavy jets will have access to a personal flight attendant onboard their flight for added assistance.

If you travel for work fairly often, becoming a ProspAir Jet Card holder is a great investment. Having one of these cards is similar to having a timeshare. You can purchase a specific number of hours (normally in increments of 25) and use them as you desire.

There are four levels of jet charter membership, each level corresponding to a certain jet size.

Silver level equates to a light jet, which can hold up to 8 passengers for a flight lasting up to three and a half hours.
Gold level equates to a mid-size jet which also houses up to 8 passengers. The difference being that the mid-size can travel for up to five hours.
Platinum level gives you access to a super mid-size jet, holding up to 9 passengers for a maximum trip of seven hours.
Last, but certainly not least, is the Black card. This membership level comes with a heavy jet, which can transport over 10 passengers for a flight of six hours or more.

Other perks of becoming a ProspAir Jet Card member include receiving simple monthly statements, access to a personal travel concierge, guaranteed availability, consistent rates, and the ability to bring your pets aboard your flight.

The Jet Card membership is both all-inclusive and fully refundable. There are no hidden fees, nor are there any additional fees for taxes, parking, landing, fuel, internet, or catering. In addition, members won’t be susceptible to any extra charges or restrictions if they choose to fly on peak travel days during holidays.

Choose to fly with ProspAir Jet Charter for a safe, comfortable, luxurious trip through the skies. To book a private jet flight, please call 401-273-5387 today.

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