Fixed Rate Pricing

ProspAir has developed a unique aviation solution allowing clients to take advantage of fixed rate Super Mid Size Aircraft pricing on the following routes.

This structure is a great way to get started with ProspAir as it allows for large bulk purchase discounts.  ProspAir is one of very few other companies that includes this offerring.

Purchase a minimum of four trips for any of these routes to access their corresponding deals:

North to South and South to North:

  • HPN/TEB to PBI for $14,800
  • HPN/TEB to APF for $14,800
  • HPN/TEB to OPF for $14,800
  • HPN/TEB to ORL for $14,800
  • BED/BOS to PBI for $17,150
  • BED/BOS to OPF for $17,150
  • BED/BOS to APF for $17,150
  • BED/BOS to ORL for $17,150

East to West and West to East:

  • HPN/TEB to VNY for $28,350
  • BOS/BED to VNY for $30,350
  • OPF/APF/PBI/ORL to VNY – $32,900

Airports mentioned:

HPN = White Plains, NY

TEB = Teterboro, NJ

PBI = Palm Beach, FL

APF = Naples, FL

OPF = Miami, FL

ORL = Orlando, FL

BED = Bedford, MA

BOS = Boston, MA

VNY = Van Nuys, CA

All flights for these deals will be on a Super Mid-Sized Falcon 50 with complimentary Wi-Fi.  Pricing is fixed and all-inclusive.   To receive this pricing, four trips must be pre-purchased, and used within a 12-month period.  Availability is guaranteed with just three days notice, peak day restrictions do apply, travelers are encouraged to schedule ahead for busier times. Once purchased, these flights are non-refundable.

Please let us know and we can also work with you to develop a customized fixed-rate pricing structure for your city pairs.

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