Jet Card Membership

What is a Jet Card?

“Jet Cards” or “Membership Programs” as different providers may refer to them as, are a very attractive way for many individuals and corporations to meet their private aviation needs  Most jet card membership programs are very similar in that they offer the following:

  • Fixed Point to Point Pricing with No Repositioning Costs
  • Guaranteed Availability with Some Restrictions Depending on the Program
  • Guaranteed Aircraft Size and Passenger Count
  • Predetermined Safety and Insurance Standards

As with most things in life, guarantees will cost you more. For example, if you’re a member of a country club or dining club, you’re paying a premium for the guaranteed availability of their services, be it golf, tennis, or dining.

Here at ProspAir Jet Charter, we want our clients to know that there are several important areas within a jet card membership contract that need to be looked at closely. This is important because you should be assessing what you’re really getting for the dollars you’re committing up front for the jet card membership program. In fact, you should consider the following questions and points when it comes time to make the decision to purchase a commercial or private jet card membership:

  • Are there any annual jet card membership fees associated with the program? If so, those fees need to be added to the hourly rate you are being quoted at for your commercial or private jet card to get a truly effective hourly rate.
  • Peak Day Surcharge. What are the Peak Days and how much is the surcharge on those days? Typically, this can range from 5-15% in most jet membership card programs.
  • Required Notice to Book an aircraft and be guaranteed availability and required notice to cancel and not be charged for a booking This can range from 8 hours to 5 days depending on the program and can be greater during Peak Days
  • Fuel Surcharges – are there any fuel surcharges, and, if so, what are they? Make sure it is outlined in the jet charter membership agreement as these have to be included to calculate your true hourly costs
  • Do the hours purchased/funds on account expire? If the hours are not used, are they forfeited completely?
  • What is the length of term of the jet card membership program? What happens when that term is up?
  • Aircraft Upgrades and Downgrades. What if you have more people for a particular flight and need a bigger plane? Can you upgrade to a larger plane, and, if so, is there a surcharge to do so? Also, what if you can use a smaller plane for a particular mission; is there the opportunity to downgrade as well?
  • Is there a guarantee on the age of the aircraft that will be used for each mission?
  • Is the jet charter membership program refundable or cancellable if you don’t like the service?
  • What happens in the case of an aircraft mechanical failure or malfunction? An unpleasant reality of all aviation — commercial and private — is that planes have mechanical issues that prevent them from flying. Does your commercial or private jet membership card program guarantee you a backup aircraft at no additional cost, and how long is the wait for a new aircraft?
  • International surcharges and destination guarantees. Most commercial or private jet membership card programs will charge a surcharge to travel internationally or won’t guarantee certain destinations, such as Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Europe.

Why might you want to consider a private jet membership card?

Today, private charter flights have become more popular than ever, and so have private jet membership card programs offered by companies like ours. Some of the biggest reasons why a traveler chooses a private jet membership card are because it’s flexible and offers not only a stress-free flying experience, but a luxurious one.

Other reasons why a traveler might consider a private jet card membership is because the person frequently travels during the holidays, or during other peak times throughout the year. Regardless, if you want a comfortable and convenient flying experience at times when you need it the most, choose a private jet card from ProspAir Jet Charter.

Jet Card Membership

The ProspAir Jet Cards are available in six levels: LIGHT, MID SIZE, SUPER MID, HEAVY (9 Passengers), FALCON 2000, and HEAVY (12+ Passengers). The levels of our jet membership card programs are based on the size aircraft you select for your flight requirements. The private jet card cards have no hidden fees, are all inclusive, and are refundable. ProspAir Jet Card holders can also upgrade or downgrade based on specific travel needs. All of our planes are Wi-Fi equipped and include standard catering. Heavy Jets include a flight attendant for added comfort.

Give us a call today to learn more about how the ProspAir Jet Card can work for you, and more about how our private jet membership card offers the ultimate convenience.


✓ Simple Monthly Statement

✓ Personal Travel Concierge

✓ Guaranteed Availability

✓ Consistent Rates

✓ Pet Friendly


✓ No peak travel day restrictions

✓ No charge standard catering

✓ No crew overnight charges

✓ No fuel surcharges

✓ No Wi-Fi charges

✓ No parking fees

✓ No landing fees


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