Jet Card Membership

What is a Jet Card?

A “Jet Card” or “Membership Program” as different providers may refer to them, are a very attractive way for many individuals and corporations to meet their private aviation needs.  Most jet card membership programs are very similar, when compared to ours below, in the sense that they offer:

  • Fixed point-to-point pricing.
  • No Repositioning Costs
  • Guaranteed Availability within 8 hours notice or less.
  • An array of VIP membership benefits from our affiliated partners.

Things to be considered when purchasing a Jet Card:

  • Are there any annual jet card membership fees associated with the program?
  • Peak day travel surcharge.
    • What are the Peak Days and how much is the surcharge?
  • Required notice to book an aircraft, and guaranteed availability.
    • Our program is 8 hours, with our competitors varying from 8 – 24.
  • Fuel Surcharges – If so, what are the additional costs?
    • Our pricing is All Inclusive of Fuel.
  • Do the Jet Card Hours expire?
    • No. ProspAir funds never expire.
  • Is your Jet Card 100% refundable?
    • Yes. ProspAir offers a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Aircraft Upgrades? Interchange between categories allowed?
  • International Fees? Can I use my Jet Card outside of the country, if so what is the additional cost if any.

Why might you want to consider a private jet membership card?

Today, private charter flights have become more popular than ever, and so have private jet membership card programs offered by companies like ours. Some of the biggest reasons why a traveler chooses a private jet membership card are because it’s flexible and offers not only a stress-free flying experience, but a luxurious one.

Jet Card membership is the closest alternative to aircraft ownership.  With an active ProspAir Jet Card membership think of yourself “as an aircraft owner.”  Imagine, I have an aircraft available to me anywhere in the country in 8 hours notice or less.

Other reasons why a traveler might consider a private jet card membership is because the person frequently travels during the holidays, or during other peak times throughout the year. Regardless, if you want a comfortable and convenient flying experience at times when you need it the most, choose a private jet card from ProspAir Jet Charter.


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