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There’s no denying that flight is both the fastest and safest way to travel. If you need to journey across hundreds or thousands of miles, traveling by car often does not make sense. Whether you’re attending an important meeting, departing for a premiere event, or simply going home for the holidays, the most convenient way to get there is to take to the skies.

Of course, anyone who’s been to a commercial airport during peak travel season can attest to the fact that the convenience of flying to your destination seems to get lost in a crowd of groggy travelers shuffling along through baggage check and TSA lines. Couple that experience with the uncomfortable feeling of sitting or standing in a crowded terminal for the next hour or more while you wait to board your flight, clutching your carry-on bag as though the next passerby is likely to snatch it from you. Once you do get onto the plane, you’re then sardined into your seat, hoping that the child seated behind you won’t be kicking you through the duration of your flight. We’ve all been there at some point or another. Fortunately, there is a better way to travel: booking a personal private jet.

At ProspAir Jet Charter, you can do exactly that. When you book a private jet, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with long lines at a crowded airport. We’ll help you choose the optimal aircraft to meet your needs, offering you the best experience and the most value.

Benefits of a Personal Jet Charter

Instead of feeling exhausted by the time you reach your destination, you’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead of you. Here are just a few of the benefits of booking a personal private jet through ProspAir Jet Charter:

  • Spacious interior. Not only will you find yourself with more legroom than in a standard commercial aircraft, but many of our jets have a couch seating area, allowing you to stretch out and relax once you reach cruising altitude.
  • Oversized, plush seats are a welcome relief compared to the narrow and sparsely cushioned seats that are often found in commercial planes.
  • No wait. Imagine: no more waiting in line for your annual holiday journey back home. No more standing around in that crowded airport terminal, where the smell of pizza mingles unpleasantly with cinnamon buns. Simply arrive at the airport with your family, friends, or other travel companions, board your flight, and take to the sky.
  • No commitment. When you choose a personal private jet charter, there is no obligation to book additional flights beyond your initial purchase. With a “pay-as-you-go” program, you can enjoy the convenience of booking a private jet charter as you need it.
  • Potential savings. When customers book a one-way flight, the jet will still need to return to its place of origin in order to refuel. These “empty leg” flights can transfer into significant savings, since they are typically available at additional discounts.

Choose From Our Robust Aircraft Fleet

Our parent company, the Dumont Group, specializes in aircraft operations, and they own and maintain over 30 different private jets. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your travel needs. When you call us, let us know how many passengers will be onboard, as well as the amount of luggage you will be expecting to carry. For reference, here are four broad size classes for private jets to give you an idea of how many passengers and how much cargo they can safely carry.

  • Heavy – Jets in this category can typically hold 10-14 passengers, and have approximately 200 cubic feet of space, or the equivalent of 1-1 ½ times the capacity of an extended-length SUV with all the seats folded down.
  • Super mid-size – These jets can usually seat 8-9 passengers, and they have about 100 cubic feet of cargo space. This is the equivalent of that same large SUV with one row of seats folded down.
  • Mid-size – This category includes jets that seat about 8 passengers and have around 70 cubic feet of cargo space. To put this in practical terms, you could fit two large suitcases, three standard suitcases, and two sets of golf clubs.
  • Light – Jets in the light category have about 45 cubic feet of cargo space, which is about how much space would be in the cargo area of a large SUV.

In addition to considering the baggage and passenger capacity, you’ll also need to consider the range of the aircraft. Light jets may have a range of less than 2000 NM, so you’ll have to take into account whether or not the private jet that you book will be able to reach your destination without the need to stop for fuel. Give us a call today, and we will help you determine the best aircraft for your individual needs.

Jet Card Membership

A personal private jet charter is best suited for individuals who fly less than four times per year. If you make trips more frequently than that, then you may wish to consider purchasing a jet card membership to get the most value. Card holders can also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Guaranteed availability – No matter what time of year you choose to fly, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to fly, even on short notice. While it is advised to book earlier during peak travel season, there are no restrictions.
  • Consistent rates – With a ProspAir Jet Card, you’ll enjoy the same pricing all year round.
  • Pet-friendly – Never worry about having to leave your faithful companion behind, or putting them through the stress of commercial airport travel.
  • Upgrade or downgrade as needed – Flying with a larger group, or not traveling as far? When you have a ProspAir Jet Card, you can easily upgrade or downgrade as needed.
  • No hidden fees – While some jet card membership programs will charge you additional fees for parking, landing, or the inclusion of services like WiFi and catering, all of these are included in your membership program at no additional cost.

A relaxing journey through the skies is just a phone call away. Contact us to book your personal private jet charter today.

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